Kseniya Apresian 

Documentary photographer
based in between Berlin
and Hannover.

Recent projects:
Is there a future
1 A.M.
Whatever your like
Dear Mom and Dad



🇩🇪 01628441326

1 A.M.

Each relationship is different. So is sex or love. Being sensitive or wild, conservative or kinky, mono- or polygamous, romantic or vulgar, fruity or naughty.. almost everyone questioned themselves: If I like this or that, is it normal?

Raised in a post-soviet country, where the topic of sex was a taboo for a long time, I moved to Berlin and was exploring it’s new normality with the help of my camera, capturing people in their intimate moments in a project called “Whatever you like”.

“1 A.M.” series started as an attempt to continue the project in times of pandemic, when it’s almost impossible to make shootings offline. It’s a visual essay about human sexuality and sensuality. All the pictures were taken completely online, using webcam platforms, which reflects how sexual relationships are being more and more digitized every year.

The project has a form of a book and will be published by Fotografika publishing in the edition of 50 copies and was exhibited in Zeitgeist Zentrum in Berlin in 2023.