Kseniya Apresian 

Documentary photographer
based in between Berlin
and Hannover.

Recent projects:
Whatever your like
Dear Mom and Dad




Dear Mom and Dad

A project devoted to those who have experienced difficult, abusive childhoods. It’s a metaphorical letter from adults to their parents, revealing all the things they were not able to say.

I interviewed 8 people, making a shooting and interview simultaniously.
 Portraits were taken while heroes were sharing
their stories and lived through the same emotions again.
It was not an easy process, but it was worth it – you can see their honest feelings at the pictures.

Read the whole text with interviews: 
in russian at takiedela.ru
in english at Lola magazine
in german at ZeitJung

Dear Mom and Dad was exhibited
in Das Giftraum gallery in March 2019

Whatever you like

Each relationship is different.
So is sex or love. Being sensitive
or wild, conservative or kinky, mono-
or polygamous, romantic or vulgar, fruity or naughty.. almost everyone questioned themselves:
If I like this or that, is it normal?

Raised in a post-soviet country, where the topic of sex was a taboo for a long time, I was trying to explore Berlin and it’s new normality with the help of my camera, capturing people in their intimate moments with things and people that they like.

Whatever you like was a part of EMOP Berlin, exhibited in Projektraum Bethanien on 1-4 October 2020

The room was lightened up with 5 colourful strobe lights and accompanied by music, that created an atmosphere and also really interesting visual effects with the pictures.

Later on, in August 2021, it was a part of GAZE exhibitio in GlogaAIR Berlin (watch documentation video).

GlogauAIR, August 2021

Projektraum Bethanien, October 2020


I’ve always met different people in Berlin and was shocked how contrast can their dayand night- lives be. Figuring out, that super conservative guy, wearing white shirts to his work in the embassy can make a 36-hours rave in Berghain in the most crazy outfit ever or that nice and shy girl, who is a social worker, spends all of her weekends dancing almost naked in Kit Kat.

That’s how I came to the idea that I should take photos of these people in their two outfits: dark and kinky night-out look vs their normal dress code in a usual environment.

See all pictures in Vice

laboratory technician


politican’s assitant

tourist guide

social workers